A Deeper Look at What We Do

Let’s face it, the cloud can be complicated. The decision to adopt the cloud, the best model of adoption, and then the actual execution of the final strategy is the first layer of complexity. However, it’s by no means the last – nor the most important in many cases.

That’s what we do. We take companies to the cloud, take the execution several layers deeper with optimization, and build out strategy for continuous improvement. Below are the major elements of our process.


Any engagement to adopt the cloud will require varying levels of consultancy. The term consulting is thrown around without thinking and generally has very little actual meaning in today’s buzzword filled business landscape. When we say consulting, we mean it. Specific, objective, and actionable advisement based on data and experience — not jargon filled generalities with little to no follow through. Unlike most “consultants”, we hang around through the execution of our recommendations to ensure ironclad accountability.

Strategic Staffing

Adoption of the cloud, along with further optimization and strategy, will no doubt demand human resources beyond your current team. However, all of those resources may not be needed at the completion of the project. You’re faced with a potentially expensive and tough challenge. Strategic staffing and augmentation is an economical and wise solution. We take inventory of your current team and resources. Then, strategically execute on your objectives in the most efficient and effective manner while filling in the gaps.

Program & Project Management

On time. On budget. Exceeding quality. These are the pillars of sound program and project management. The terms seem vanilla and simple. That’s intentional, as we do not distract with fluff and meaningless fodder. With over 25 years of successful experience and a team of executive level leads, we hit our marks every time with a clear and respectful ROI.

Program and project management are where we get the opportunity to truly earn our keep. It’s one thing to advise and design solutions for your cloud needs, it’s an entirely different level of service to actually execute on that advisement. That’s our most powerful differentiation within our industry. From the Fortune 500 to forward focused startups, our value is crystal clear. 

Program/Project Management Consulting

Brightwater’s Program Management Services include strategy alignment, governance disciplines, tools and techniques to guide proactive risk management and strategic decision making around programs and projects. Do you have limited visibility into project performance? Are limited resources and capacity planning an issue? Do your projects come in late and/or over budget? Do you have a consistent methodology for project delivery? We provide real-world agile based, hands-on experience by senior level consultants.

“As the overall Program Manager, Dan Ricks, of Brightwater Consulting, led the planning, execution and delivery of The Coca-Cola Company’s multi-year strategic initiative of moving all technology to the cloud. The Coca-Cola Company is now 100% cloud based. No matter the challenge, Dan’s positive leadership skills and agile based process assured issues were always resolved quickly. We remained within scope, on schedule and within budget. It was my pleasure having Dan as part of my team leading this initiative. We couldn’t have done it without him and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

Kiril Topalov – Chief Technology Officer at The Coca-Cola Company