ERP Services

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software plays a key role in providing a comprehensive and integrated means to effectively and efficiently operate a business. Selecting the right ERP for a specific business involves much more than simply doing a search for the ‘best’ rated one or the one that is offered by an industry giant. The most successful ERP implementations are those where the time has been spent in fully understanding what the business is actually trying to accomplish through the ERP.


We specialize in ERP consulting. The term consulting is thrown around without thinking and generally has very little actual meaning in today’s buzzword filled business landscape. When we say consulting, we mean it. Specific, objective, and actionable advisement based on data and experience — not jargon filled generalities with little to no follow through. Unlike most “consultants”, we hang around through the execution of our recommendations to ensure ironclad accountability.

ERP Analysis

Our ERP analysis includes:

  • reviewing the current state business processes,
  • understanding what the future state looks like,
  • the readiness of the staff to be trained in the use of the system to accomplish its business,
  • the willingness of the staff to not only accept but embrace the system as foundational component in conducting their business,
  • the business plans, including expansion in market, product mix, geographic locations, and financial growth,
  • the amount and type of regulations and laws under which the business operates,
  • the readiness of the IT infrastructure and staff to operate the more sophisticated and integrated environment including robust business continuity plans to operate the business in the event of unplanned outages/unavailability.

In some cases, the best fit ERP may actually be one that is not ‘obvious’. Bright Water has been engaged by companies in the past where this was precisely the case. The selections that were made were one that, in the particular business verticals, are considered the leader and yet, discovering them required substantial research. Once identified and extensively reviewed, their selection became the obvious choice and the implementation/adoption much more efficiently as a result.

This type of diligence and commitment is what a client of Bright Water Consulting can expect when a company engages our services.

Program & Project Management

On time. On budget. Exceeding quality. These are the pillars of sound program and project management. The terms seem vanilla and simple. That’s intentional, as we do not distract with fluff and meaningless fodder. With over 25 years of successful experience and a team of executive level leads, we hit our marks every time with a clear and respectful ROI.

Program and project management are where we get the opportunity to truly earn our keep. It’s one thing to advise and design solutions for your cloud needs, it’s an entirely different level of service to actually execute on that advisement. That’s our most powerful differentiation within our industry. From the Fortune 500 to forward focused startups, our value is crystal clear.