Are You Clouding Correctly?

We’ve all heard of the cloud by now. The initial topics of discussion are based on simple adoption of the cloud for your company. Should it be a mix of on-premise and cloud? Is the cloud simply a place to store archival data? How do we ensure security? Once those are answered, the focus progresses to optimization, strategy, and ROI.

It's Who We Are

Brightwater has a unique DNA of business intelligence and confidence in technology. In today’s world there’s no escaping the cloud. It can be incredibly complex and costly to master. The nuts and bolts of Brightwater is experienced in cloud optimization, cloud strategy, cloud migration, consulting, and program and project management.

Brightwater doesn’t subscribe to fluffy technology jargon and fads. We are hardcore business first. Technology is there to efficiently execute processes only after sound business intelligence has spoken. What does this mean to you? Simple, ROI.

“As the overall Program Manager, Dan Ricks, of Brightwater Consulting, led the planning, execution and delivery of The Coca-Cola Company’s multi-year strategic initiative of moving all technology to the cloud. The Coca-Cola Company is now 100% cloud based. No matter the challenge, Dan’s positive leadership skills and agile based process assured issues were always resolved quickly. We remained within scope, on schedule and within budget. It was my pleasure having Dan as part of my team leading this initiative. We couldn’t have done it without him and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.”

Kiril Topalov – Chief Technology Officer at The Coca-Cola Company